7 Truisms & Solutions

  • Power Corrupt EQUALLY – people, organizations, companies, etc.

> Constantly Moving Targets – Temporary working groups (i.e. ad hoc), continual change of committee group members & chairpersons based upon ranking by voting in internet forums; no terms of service – maximum or minimum, all determined by continual ratings in forums.

(in relation to the open sourced rules of ‘Citizen Voters’ and the ‘Voting Process’)

  • Negative human traits in all of us are: GREED and LAZINESS

> Don’t Deny It!!  Accept this undeniable fact of human character; start by informing people of the new system (the goal is not to ‘catch’ people) when discovered, openly expose on the internet for: 1)public judgement, 2) public voting, 3) public discipline/corrective action (based on the current rule of law the open sourced rules of ‘Citizen Voters’ and the ‘Voting Process’, not ‘lynch mob’ rule)

  • Emotions polarize us

> Welcome Diversity and its Many Advantages, but like a Robot – take the Spock or Data approach: logic, flexibility, multiple solutions and approaches; never force one solution on everyone, always allow individual solutions when it does not affect others negatively and when is relatively cost effective

  • Citizens have the right to free government services

> If you want them YES, if you don’t than NO, or, TOTAL FLEXIBILITY

For the Core Government Administrative Unit (maintained by a 5% flat tax): no government subsidies, social support, preferential treatment (i.e. environmental groups, cultural groups, business groups, etc.) would be provided. This is all non-core government, i.e. government managed, where citizens can individually choose to be supported up to 100% by the government directly, for which they would pay up to 100% of their salary in taxes

(see section ‘Taxation’ for details and contributions)

  • Larger government = Less citizen control

> Absolute Minimal Government – minimize government to an administrative, decision execution and enforcement unit only (i.e. non-decision making); Government = objective, emotionless (which also means heartless), logical (so also ruthless efficiency), impartial, etc., to both the bad AND good (zero preferential treatment)

(see ‘Why Open Source’)

  • Government is Politics and Politics is Government

> Separation of State and Politicslimit functions of government to administrative, non-decision making tasks, with a prime objective of enforcing the Guidelines to maintain the balance between citizens, groups/organizations, businesses, etc. (i.e. level playing field)

  • Government Secrets are Important

> Strength is in Openness

1) Secrecy is always a double edged sword – minimal short term benefits to ‘protect citizens’ at the cost of: a)being used selectively against citizens, b) hiding waste (i.e. fraud, theft, personal gain), c) creating weaknesses to be attacked externally 

2) an Open Source philosophy takes a realistic approach: it is not possible to build an impenetrable system, rather the focus is on not making holes, i.e. secrets; double benefit: very difficult to be used selectively against citizens


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