Myth & Fact

MYTH: OSPF sounds great in theory, i.e. Utopian, but will not work in reality

FACT: Most current democratic systems sound great in theory (and socialist, communist, etc.) but clearly no longer work as they were intended

 MYTH: We NEED elected representatives

FACT: No, not any more – real democracy is currently on the message boards.  Anyone can contribute. Next, it’s just a matter of organizing and formalizing them and incorporating a voting element (using full legal names only) in order to eliminate the ‘middle man’

MYTH: A Republic Form of Government (current U.S. system) is the fairest type

FACT: Yes, for small homogeneous countries of less then 20mn citizens.  For larger countries, or as a country grows, it is self-destructive because it will always ultimately end up being controlled by: 1) Large Corporations, and , 2) Wealthy Individuals, due to a small number of easy to target ‘representatives’ (i.e. in the U.S. 535 senators and representatives)

MYTH: We cannot trust computers, the information will be stolen or hacked into

FACT: Yes, it will be stolen and manipulated when kept secret When information is open for everyone to see and judge (as in OSPF), there is nothing to steal or manipulate!!

MYTH: Not everyone has access to the internet so electronic voting would be unfair

FACT: It’s completely unnecessary to have the ‘latest greatest iPad’ – all countries have fully developed library systems, with all developed countries libraries offering access to the internet.  Also, from the technical side, with every year, pricing is going down, technology expanding,  increasing options to access the internet, internet bandwith and speed increasing, etc.  On the political side, access to the intenet as a ‘human right’ is rapidly gaining acceptance (U.N. proposal, 5 major E.U. countries have already passed laws).  From the commercial side, only areas of deep wilderness areas are left without coverage pretty much anywhere in the world. 

MYTH: OSPF will solve all the worlds problems

FACT: No way!  Health Care, Financial Reform, Defense Spending, many environmental issues, etc., all hot topics of the day will all be just as thorny as now. It will simply advance government to the next higher level of desperately needed transparency, increase efficiency of government by minimizing it and allow more people to participate, i.e. true government ‘by the people and for the people’ (rather then for a wealthy group of ‘Founding Fathers’).


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