Section for Technical Changes to the Constitution

This section will be devoted to discussing all issues related to re-establishing either a ‘Constitution’ or simply ‘Guidelines’ that represents the interests of all citizens, organizations, companies, etc., in balance.

Significant changes have been made to the Constitution since it was established.   The largest demise of the Constitution, specifically, elimination of rights, has been only in the last 20 years, 1) falsely “in the name of National Security”, and, 2) due to corporations being granted the same rights as citizens.  The goal of OSPF is not to eliminate this secrecy as it is necessary at times, however, in it must also be kept in balance (see ‘Temporary Secrecy in Law Enforcement‘), or to eliminate corporations as they play a vital role in any country.  Rather, balancing interests is key.

Section will be opened once the IT / Technical Structure is established.