Administrative Changes

Thousands of technical changes would need to be made, both big and small.


Just the first, only as a starting point –

1) Several changes need to be made in terms of current positions:

All offices that need to be transformed to achieve 100% transparency:

* U.S. Senator ELIMINATE

* U.S. Representative ELIMINATE

* Governor/Lt. Governor ELIMINATE

* Attorney General – Administrative Role

* Secretary Of State ELIMINATE

* State ComptrollerAdministrative Role

* State TreasurerAdministrative Role

* State Senator ELIMINATE

* Appellate Court Judge Administrative Role

* State Representative ELIMINATE

* County Clerk / Recorder Administrative Role

* County Treasurer Administrative Role

* County Assessor Administrative Role

* County Sheriff Administrative Role

* County Board President / Chairman Administrative Role

* Circuit Court Judge Administrative Role

* County Commissioner –Administrative Role

* County Board Member Administrative Role

* County Board of Review Administrative Role

* Regional Superintendent of Schools Administrative Role

* Forest Preserve District Administrative Role

* Water Reclamation District Administrative Role

(‘Administrative Role’ meaning a necessary position performing concrete duties)


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