* High taxes = high burdens on ALL of society (i.e. reduced flexibility)

> Minimal Federal Flat Tax (~5%, or, ‘core’)

CORE (~5%): only for: 1) infrastructure, 2) critical defense, 3) emergency services, 4) basic education (K-12 only, or, plus technical trade school of up to 2 years), 5) government administrative employee salaries, 6) assistance to mentally or physically handicapped (if unemployable, under employable or orphaned), 7) correctional facilities (if decided to be on the Federal level)

NON-CORE (from 5% – 100% taxes): can be unlimited, but are all optional (i.e. choice of paying in then receiving) – all individual social support (social security/pension), medical support, environmental issues, business support, culture and arts, etc.


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