Voting Process

Transparency: 100% of ALL voting results published on the internet 100% openly, i.e FULL LEGAL NAMES so ANY citizen can SEE the full results, for example:

> James Thomas Smith voted FOR bill #2954

> Sally Ann Thompson voted AGAINST bill #2954

*** This is a CRITICAL POINT and VERY MUCH in the interests of CITIZENS to absolutely maximize TRUST in the SYSTEM – Openness increases trust, Secrecy destroys trust.  See ‘Critical Flaws of Secret Ballot Voting’

Voting: All voting is completed only by registered and verified users (.gov site running open source software) in accordance with:

– their level (beginner, intermediate, advanced? suggest others please),

region (city, county, state, national)

category (to be determined as necessary)

qualifications, as determined by other citizen voters, in relation to the subject matter

Auditing: Multiple auditing company services will be used for free in exchange for reduced or eliminated enterprise profit tax (reduced at the beginning? as not much time will be committed, then eventually reduced to zero if the contribution is significant).

– rotation of companies should also be discussed, or time limits to using specific companies.


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