IT / Technical Structure

Web Page:  establish web page (.gov site running Open Source software) and database to use internet for open voting on all issues

Forum: web page message boards will serve as open forums of discussion (simple and user friendly) from which all issues and arguments/discussions will be taken

Multiple administrative levels will be used: local, county, state, national

Anyone can participate in discussions, however, only after a person has adequately argued his/her point and convinced a larger audience will voting rights be considered (to prove in an open forum the individual has sufficient knowledge of the subject)

Multiple levels of voting rights will be issued – beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc. or some configuration, based on open discussion that prove the level was earned

All users of the forums can only be registered under their legal names for everyone to see, establish precedent and earn a voter ranking level

Rating System: ranking of votes and system of calculating importance:

If you are keeping it strictly to the rating scales (and not including any written feedback which in the long run I submit is essential to judging submissions), here is a rank order of possible parameters by which you could visualize a list of submissions:

1st) Total interest in the submission, whether positive or negative.
-total number of votes if thumbs up or thumbs down
-total cumulative score, if you use a Likert or star scale

2nd) Total ‘positivity’ rating of the idea.
-how many thumbs up versus thumbs down?
-average score out of 5 on a Likert

It’s important not to consider 2 first, because otherwise ‘low interest’ submissions could rank highly, for example one person ranking a submission 5/5 would result in it heading the list.

3rd) It’s then important to incorporate negative feedback and comments into the ranking system. Many people may vote low, not because the idea is automatically untenable, but because it could work with some modifications. It is important to have a mechanism for including that information.
-one star/point for each negative feedback comment that provides a way to modify the submission to make it more feasible.

(this submission by csblagden, here:

Database: databases of statistics will be gathered from various sources (census bureau, GAO, other federal agencies, etc.) for informational uses as well as statistics on voting (from committee verified users)


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