Links – open source news portal – a portal that focuses specifically on government applications of OS – an OS news portal that shows the growth of OS applications outside of the IT field, specifically: Business, Education, Government, Health, Law and Life – an electronic petition system set up by the U.K. government

Openpolitics.caan open source (i.e. editable wiki) in Canada for discussing issues An organization that promotes transparency.  Their three main goals are:

  • Inform citizens about how money in politics affects their lives
  • Empower voters and activists by providing unbiased information
  • Advocate for a transparent and responsive government

Electronic Frontier Foundation an international non-profit digital rights advocacy and legal organization

Visible Vote – we like the attempt this project has made, it’s a positive step in the correct direction, but, unfortunately, just a small step at a time when not only a leap will do.  Also, it’s a little too ‘appy’ for our tastes – yes, make it “easy for monkeys”, a solid philosophy, but democracy demands more than just a passing moment while waiting for the red light to change.  As it’s clear they have some solid technical ground work, it could definitely be incorporated into a larger project like OSPF.

Independent Open Source Intelligence Community (IOSIC)we like their Facebook page as it also adopts the Open Source nature so definitely could be an incorporated as a module in OSPF as well.

Wikipediaencyclopedia to the world

Ubuntuwell supported Linux operating system.

Androidopen source for your phone

Mozillaleading open source browser

WordPressopen source web design


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