Citizenship and Voting Rights

Voting and shaping a country is a privilege not a right

Issuing each citizen a gun is not a solution to protection, so why is each person automatically given voting rights?  Based upon thousands of years of history, politicians have an extremely poor record in keeping campaign promises (see ‘grabbing power’ in ‘Current Democratic System as Middle Man), and when combined with problems with ‘Voter Knowledge Issues‘ it guarantees abuse of the system.

Everyone has the right to participate (intenet forums, step up, please, contribute), but before you are given the right to actually vote, i.e. to impact the lives of other citizens, you should prove it.

If you have an opinion:

1) formulate your opinion

2) present it in a public forum (internet)

3) defend it, persuade a larger audience (i.e. some type of majority, not necessarily 51%)

If you cannot do this than it means your opinion was:

1) not well formulated or thought through

2) needs revision to persuade a larger audience of the validity

However, OSPF does have the flexibility to allow ‘armchair coaches’ to vote (i.e. people who just ‘shout’ something but only have a surface understanding of the issue), simply the weight of their vote will be much lower to:

1. mitigate the effect of ‘mob rule’

2. keep a proper relation to those who do put in significant time, or, in the interest of fairness

3) Significant amounts of private money could be redirected to direct investments at all levels rather than to lobbyists and on campaigning


One Response to Citizenship and Voting Rights

  1. Joe Konopka says:

    This is an interesting concept, but not all that radical in its structure, compared to the current forms of representative government. The basic problem in our representative government is that it becomes corrupted by huge inflows of money from organizations and corporations. The Supreme Court’s affirmation that a corporation is an individual in Constitutional terms is a complete perversion of what the Founding Fathers intended. I strongly believe that no organization, association, group, party, company, or corporation should be allowed to donate a single penny to any movement, political party, or individual politician. Only individuals should be allowed to cast a financial vote of support to organizations or individuals involved in politics. That ban against corporate or organizational contributions should include gifts or favors.

    Your primary difficulty will be the same as we have now. Once a people realize that they can vote themselves anything, then democracy and a economic systems begin to unravel.

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