4 Main Goals

CREATE: an Open Source Framework for administration of government

  • 100% Transparencyeverything published directly on the internet:  issues, discussions, voting, voting names, statistics, auditing, etc., exactly as senator/representative voting records are currently recorded.

ELIMINATE: the Current Republic Form of Government, i.e.  the “middle man” or “bottleneck”

  • Reduce the role of ‘Washington’ to an administrative apparatus that executes and enforces the decisions issued by voters but does not play a role in politics, or, ‘Separation of State and Politics’

CREATE: a Framework for Wide Representation of the Population

  • Obtain more balanced decisions through larger numbers of voters participating and through ad hoc committee (/subcommittee) approach

ELIMINATE: Secret Ballot Voting and General Voting Rights

  • Eliminate all ‘automatic’ voting rights of the general population (i.e. in the U.S. voting rights are automatically given when a citizen reaches the age of 18)
  • Replace with registered citizens voting directly and openly (full legal names) for all issues, national and local (all citizens eligible, but not required to participate)

Create an Open Source Political Framework for Issues on the Internet to Achieve 100% Transparency


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