Section to identify all the major obstacles for a change to OSPF

For now, it seems as if only two groups, with an accent really on the first:

1) Current ‘Establishment’ or, the extreme wealthy, old money, large companies, all current politicians and political parties, countless lobbyists, etc.

This group is a very important part of society because they wield the most money and power, but their ratio of power to representation is far out of balance so will be the most resistant to change.

2) Fear of Technology / Sabotage, Tampering, Hackingthis is not really an issue as it is assumed that the system will be hacked into from within the U.S. or externally, so the goal is not to make it 100% ‘Hack-Proof’ (such a system does not exist in the world and never will, Open Source or Closed Source).  Rather this is mitigated by:

a. 100% transparency with regular back-ups, so when the system is hacked into, it is simply reloaded (i.e. restore point).

b. the Open Source nature provides for –

1. holes to be fixed continuously resulting in a system the has the highest level of difficulty of hacking (i.e. a continuously moving and improving target)

2. as well as for the necessary continual vigilance in safeguarding any form of government (24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year), or, someone somewhere will always be working on it.



It’s obvious that a project like OSPF will be perceived as an approaching tornado that will go straight down main street, say, of a small town in Kansas,  or total destruction.  But more specifically, fear of the unknown.  Yes, there will be significant change when it is fully established and even significant disruption at various stages throughout (however, it will always be a work in progress as the only things that are guaranteed in life are death, taxes and change). Change will take place regardless of whether OSPF goes through or not as the ‘Destruction‘ phase of the 4 Cycles is unavoidable.

Note: typically it it is the overly wealthy that fare the worst during this phase, as many times is is also accompanied by uncontrolled ‘mob’ retribution by those that believe they were oppressed, i.e. the poor.

The purpose of OSPF is to continually balance all relevant interests using the benefits of technology (i.e. Open Source) to achieve this in the most objective and transparent manner possible.  As the U.S. has a society of over 300 million citizens this is a formidable task.

The goal is clearly not to take money from the wealthy, or take away power from the influential or to put anyone out of work.  But these and more will all happen in the rebalancing of representation, whether directly or indirectly.  Therefore it will be very important for all contributors (i.e. those that want to step forward and take an active role, not armchair coaches) to remain as objective as possible throughout the process by always defaulting to the OSPF Guidelines.


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