Why Open Source?

Open Source is:

  • Linux, Mozilla FireFox, Wikipedia, Android, WordPress, etc.
  • 100% FAIR – only the strongest, most appropriate and best developed (at the time) solutions are implemented
  • 100% TRANSPARENT – more specifically, revealing transparent, for all
  • CONSTANTLY being worked on, refined, improved 24 hrs. per day / 7 days per week / 360 days per year that a Democracy demands
  • ANYONE can participate at multiple levels
  • PIECE OF MIND for others who don’t want to participate  by knowing
  1. the system will be watched over, diligently maintained and built by MANY people
  2. vs. a particular company or select group of individuals pursuing personal gain

BENEFITS when applied to politics:

  • WIDER DISCUSSION: issues discussed by much larger groups of individuals1
  • MAXIMUM BALANCE: more balanced decisions that better represent the overall opinion of the citizens
  • DEEPER KNOWLEDGE:  issues will be discussed by individuals with the most knowledge of the issues
  • LESS WASTE:  significantly reduced lobbyist influence:

1) making it more time intensive for lobbyists to sway votes (i.e. more voters to influence vs. one congressman)

2) making it more cost prohibitive to influence more voters

3) difficult to penetrate due to all gifts / services / monetary compensation being given only after voting by citizens to allow the gift.

DRAWBACKS when applied to politics:

  • Be careful of what you wish for, you may get it   – Confusious
  • The only one’s to point a finger at (which we all like to do) will be US!!
  • Balance always means compromise, not ‘balance in my direction’

3) Significant amounts of private money could be redirected to direct investments at all levels rather than to lobbyists and on campaigning


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