OSPF is:

    • a form of Direct Democracy
    • genuinely Sustainable advancement (not ‘change’)
    • Grassroots movement
    • Citizen driven
    • U.S. and the Worldlocal, regional, national, international

The ‘Four Main Goals’ of OSPF focus on changing the role of ‘government’ to:

    • An administrative framework for issues
    • Non-Decision making
    • Enforcement only of citizens‘ decisions
    • Absolute minimal in size
    • Harnessing cost-effective technology (i.e. internet)

Definition of ‘Open Source Governance’, Wikipedia:

“A political philosophy which advocates the application of the philosophies of the open source and open content movements to democratic principles in order to enable any interested citizen to add to the creation of policy, as with a wiki document. Legislation is democratically opened to the general citizenry in this way, allowing policy development to benefit from the collected wisdom of the people as a whole.”


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