• Transparency: no less than 100% in every discussion and decision made
  • Platform: to attract the most qualified voters (i.e. knowledgeable about the subject matter being discussed, as judged by peers openly) 
  • Efficiency: building a minimalist administrative-only framework (k.i.s.s.)
  • Representation: wide representation of citizens (1:1000 ratio maximum, rep. to citizen)


  • Balance: in all decisions to achieve maximum compromise
  • Deadlines: to maintain forward progress and avoid getting stuck in perpetual discussion mode
  • Results: discussions organized to squarely focus on issues for maximum results


  • Persistence: relentlessly attacking, exposing and openly judging greed and laziness
  • Accountability: of new ‘representatives’ according to these guidelines

3) Significant amounts of private money could be redirected to direct investments at all levels rather than to lobbyists and on campaigning


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