2012.21.06 v.2.2.1

OSPF seeks to adopt the Open Source philosophy as a way to govern the United States (or any country or world organization), where registered citizen voters openly and more directly work on and create the government structure as they see necessary.

KEY: all voting is done under full legal names openly so that results can never be manipulated, stolen, hi-jacked, etc.

Four Main Goals of OSPF:

1. CREATE: an Open Source Framework for administration of government using the internet to achieve 100% transparency for all issues discussed and voted upon

2. ELIMINATE: the Current Republic Form of Democracy , i.e. the “middle man”

3. CREATE: a Framework for Wide Representation of the Population (i.e. > 535 senators & representatives)

4. ELIMINATE: Secret Ballot Voting and General Voting Rights of the pubic (i.e. < 310 million citizens)

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